The Sacrament of Marriage

The Parish follows the Common Policy for Marriage for the Province of New Jersey. The Catholic Church of New Jersey has the same policies throughout the State by agreement of the Bishop’s of New Jersey. Those wishing to Marry must contact the Parish Office at least one year in advance. You must be a registered member of the Parish for a minimum of six months before scheduling a wedding date. Parishioners need to present sacramental documents to the Parish Office before securing a date. As part of the preparation for this lifetime commitment the couple has four instructional meetings. They are administered the FOCUS instrument to assist them in a assessing the strength’s and weaknesses of their relationship. They are required to attend a Pre-Cana instruction taught by married couples of the Parish. Since Marriage is a Sacrament and a religious institution the ceremony is a thoroughly Catholic one. The introduction of secular, pagan, superstitions or cultural practices are not permitted, this includes the music.

Please call Kathy Post at (732) 291-0272 ext. 117 in the rectory office for more information.